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Viajes de Alta costura

Our products are intended for a clientele looking for unique, personalized experiences, outside of tourist catalogues. Our work is like that of a haute couture tailor, behind each trip or event that we design there is careful research and customization work done with great care because what matters most to us is that each traveler can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Every traveler is not the same, neither are our destinations

We take special pride in our professional yet personalized service. We work with you every step of the way in designing and planning a travel program that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations. Preliminary information about the client’s goals, interests and preferences guides us in selecting the perfect ingredients for each program whether it is a quick get-away weekend in Lisbon or a weeklong gourmet wine tour in La Rioja.
As experienced wine professionals, we organize such events for a range of clients from companies wishing to plan a special incentive trip, to wine connoisseurs or amateurs making sure that the program matches perfectly with the client’s profile and expectations.
We are your direct contact starting from the first phase of research and proposal writing to onsite delivery of the final product.
Contact us today and begin designing your personalized itinerary!

Discover a country as no one has shown you before

On the web you will find some examples that can inspire you, although we have many other options and destinations available. Browse our collection in each country and contact us today to start designing a memorable trip.

Carlotta Casciola
founder of Alacarta

She was born and grew up in Umbria, the green heart of Italy. After her University studies in Economics and Business Administration, she moved first to France to specialize in Marketing and later to Spain where she lives and where she founded Alacarta in 2003, one of the pioneer wine and food travel agencies in Spain. She is a full member of the Academy of Gastronomy of Castile and Leon, educator on Italian and international wines, and co-author of the Dictionary of Gastronomy of the Iberoamerican Academy of Gastronomy.

Passionate about gastronomy, she has received multidisciplinary wine and food education. She received Levels 2 and 3 awards in wines by the reputed WSET, Wine and Spirit Education Trust, olive oil tester by Slow Food and tea sommelier by Paris Tea School and is judge in several international wine competitions.

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