Discover France as no one has shown you before

Live the history of wine and gastronomy in the country of the Grandeur and elegance, which invented the culture of wine, haute cuisine and the most sophisticated pastries. Discover the best Crus from the most prestigious appellations: Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy…

The history of wine and gastronomy

Enjoy its gastronomy in the famous multi-starred restaurants, or in a traditional Bouchon de Lyon, or in those small restaurants that offer special menus with the best quality.

Try refined croissants in Paris, oysters in Normandie and Bretagne or delicious local products in the markets of Provence and Perigord.

From the Chateaus of Bordeaux and the Loire, to the Grand Crus of Burgundy, passing through the fine bubbles of Champagne, the varietals of Alsace and the rosés of Provence, meet the large and small winemakers who have served as a model for generations of wine producers from all over the world.

Get inspired by our itineraries and start dreaming of an
unforgettable experience!

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