June 2014

Is there anything more delicious to start the day than breakfast with a good croissant?  I am in Paris and I cannot be satisfied by just any kind of croissant.  I want breakfast with the best!  I decide to go to the city’s most famous boulangeries to discover the best croissant in Paris, maybe even in the world… The Plan It is a good idea to get an early start.  We want to taste all of the croissants before 10:00 AM, which is not an easy feat!  First we must

All traditional Tuscan meals end with the customary dipping of the Cantuccini in a small glass of Vinsanto, the sweet wine of this region.  Cantuccini is a very crunchy type of biscuit with almonds that melts in your mouth after being soaked in wine.  The biscuits can be eaten alone or accompanied with a cup of coffee, but without a doubt, these biscuits are addicting and, as with sunflower seeds, you can’t stop eating them one after the other. The name given to these types of almond biscuits (common

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